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talent_unbound's Journal

Where the Real Writers Roam
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"Write to express, not to impress."--Les Edgerton, Finding Your Voice

Tired of seeing the hacks make it big?

Tired of bad poetry and pretentious drivel?

This is your place.

Short fiction, non-fiction, freewriting, poetry, rants, questions about styles of writing, what you like, what you don't like, bring it on over here.


Inspiration and "prompts" from each other are always welcomed and encouraged, just as long as it's not the "a man walks into his house with a duck--what happens?" variety.

Since writers are invariably oversensitive, "constructive criticism" should probably only be offered when requested by the author. Praise, of course, is always acceptable, especially in massive quantities.

Please use the lj-cut link for anything over 10 paragraphs long. I'm not going to be a Nazi about it, but be considerate of your fellow community members.

When joining the community, please post a short introduction. I also invite you to list your favorite authors to be added to the interests list, if they're not there already.

Questions? Answers? Please feel free to contact the moderator, porcelain72.

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