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I'm also new to livejournal and blogs, or whatever this is called. My spelling and grammar also leave a lot to be desired, but upon seeing 'talent unbound', I couldn't not join, talent unbound is my middle name, quite cumbersome I know. I've had a look at lots of the pages on here, there's lots of different stuff, and I hope that someone might check out my page and find it in their hearts to enjoy it, my nan loves it  ;-)

So next time you are proving that you are human and you get a little thought gift from the random word generator, remember it and tell someone. Or alternatively, don't. Alternatively, you could get on with whatever fun and exciting thing you were just about to do before you came across this blog and read about an unfortunate 'mangled ant'.

Coming up; pubs, snow and more musings on time wasting.

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